Medical professional with test tubes


Archimedes Pharma is an international specialty pharmaceutical company providing novel and advanced treatments to address unmet needs for people living with serious or life–threatening chronic and debilitating illnesses. Archimedes Pharma has developed proprietary technologies for nasal and oral drug delivery and currently markets a diverse portfolio of specialty products focused on the oncology, pain, and critical care sectors throughout Europe.

The company’s lead product is PecFent® (fentanyl Pectin nasal spray) for the management of breakthrough pain in cancer patients. Breakthrough pain in cancer (BTPc) is characterized by sudden, often unpredictable episodes of intense pain that may last up to 60 minutes and occur despite background pain medication. On average, more than half of patients with cancer experience breakthrough pain.

Archimedes Pharma’s strategy is to grow its commercial presence by adding late–stage products through in–licensing and acquisitions, building on our own commercialized product portfolio and products developed based on our proprietary technologies and continuing to forge partnerships and alliances using our development capabilities and proprietary technologies. Archimedes Pharma has a strong commitment to patients and its customers. By providing novel and technologically advanced therapies, Archimedes Pharma looks to improve current therapeutic approaches and enhance care to patients.